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  • Man dies after Village Road shooting January 21, 2021
    A man is dead after a shooting on Village Road on Thursday afternoon.
  • EDITORIAL: No more violence against children January 21, 2021
    THE video that showed adults at the Children’s Emergency Hostel beating the youngsters in their care was shocking enough – but yesterday added one further shocking twist to the incident.
  • STATESIDE: Honest public service or a time to fill your pockets? January 21, 2021
    BE honest. What do you really think about government?
  • FRONT PORCH: Trump skulked away but America’s difficult days remain January 21, 2021
    Yesterday’s inauguration of Joseph Biden Jr was welcomed by millions in America and around the world relieved and gladdened at the departure of the most vicious and divisive President in modern America, who incited, fuelled and epitomised the forces of white Christian nationalism, the great original stain and sin of the American Republic.
  • Organisation calls for full FOI Act implementation January 21, 2021
    ORGANISATION for Responsible Governance has renewed calls for full implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, insisting all available resources be committed to its enactment.
  • ‘Don’t blame the victims, blame the men who rape them’ January 21, 2021
    A WOMEN’S rights advocate wants society to stop placing the blame on young vulnerable girls being lured out of their homes and becoming victims of statutory rape and hold the men responsible accountable for their actions.
  • ‘Health experts needed on vaccine taskforce’ January 21, 2021
    THE head of the Consultant Physician Staff Association believes more healthcare professionals should have been appointed to the government’s National COVID-19 Vaccine Consultative Committee.
  • Motorcade to be held in tribute to Bert Bell January 21, 2021
    A motorcade and homegoing service in celebration of the life and legacy of swim coach Albert “Bert” Bell will be held in Grand Bahama next weekend.
  • ‘On fire’ materials to hit construction January 21, 2021
    Contractors yesterday warned their home building clients face “a hit to their pockets” in 2021 from an “on fire” construction materials market where prices have risen ten percent since the New Year alone.
  • BISX pauses digital securities ambitions January 21, 2021
    The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) has paused its ambitions to launch a digital securities trading platform as it bids to catch-up with the sector’s fast-paced evolution.
  • Bahamas to rebound ‘faster’ than its rivals January 21, 2021
    A top hotelier believes The Bahamas’ “proactive” approach to COVID-19 testing and health protocols will enable its tourism industry to rebound faster than its competitors.
  • Solar’s pioneers being ‘bypassed’ January 21, 2021
    “Pioneering” Bahamian solar firms are being “bypassed” on the “big piece of the pie” due to how government tenders for utility-scale renewable energy are being structured, one provider is asserting.
  • 01212021 EDITION January 21, 2021
    Thursday, 21st January, 2021.
  • More COVID restrictions relaxed January 21, 2021
    RELAXED restrictions related to pharmacies, gas stations, laundromats, funeral services, weddings and outdoor dining came into effect last night, the Office of the Prime Minister announced in a statement.
  • ‘Retaining curfew is fine by me’ January 21, 2021
    SUPER Value CEO Rupert Roberts says he feels much safer with the COVID-19 curfew in place and believes last year’s drop in crime is due to coronavirus restrictions.
  • Nygard battles for prison release January 21, 2021
    A LAWYER for the Attorney General of Canada said yesterday former fashion mogul Peter Nygard can’t be trusted not to flee the country if he’s released on bail, and slammed a release plan put forward by defence lawyers as “utterly brazen and cynical.”
  • Home worker tries to defend assaults January 21, 2021
    A WOMAN who identified herself as an employee of the Children’s Emergency Hostel told a talk show host yesterday that “if you don’t beat, the children will beat you,” adding another layer of shock to a situation that has reignited discussion about the use of corporal punishment on children.
  • ‘ABHORRENT AND CRUEL’: Beatings video sparks demands for action to protect vulnerable kids January 21, 2021
    A FORMER Cabinet minister has urged Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell to move with haste to remove all those involved in the “abhorrent and cruel” beating of children at an emergency care home.
  • Man guilty of hitting victim with cutlass January 21, 2021
    A 21-year-old man who was accused of hitting another man in the head with a cutlass during an argument last year was yesterday fined $500.
  • ‘Facebook predator’ accused in court January 21, 2021
    A 35-year-old man who was accused of using Facebook to lure underage girls to meet up with him to have sex was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

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