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  • 05172022 EDITION May 17, 2022
    Tuesday, 17th May, 2022.
  • PETER YOUNG: A fine British tradition May 17, 2022
    AS always, it was an impressive display of pomp and circumstance. In the grand surroundings of the House of Lords chamber in the Palace of Westminster in London, the State Opening of Parliament took place last week to mark the ceremonial start of the parliamentary year.
  • FACE TO FACE: Inspiring others helps golf caddy Taneka Mackey stay on course May 17, 2022
    MEETING Taneka Mackey is an eye opener. She seems to shatter stereotypes all around her. You may think that because she’s a golfer and a professional caddy that she might be somewhat reserved. But Taneka is very down-to-earth with that raw, pure island girl quality in her mannerisms and lingo.
  • EDITORIAL: Not good enough over power outages, Minister May 17, 2022
    FOR weeks now, there have been fairly regular power outages in New Providence – and as summer nears, there are obvious concerns about how well our power grid will cope when air conditioning gets cranked up to full.
  • Sears: Power cuts nothing new for Bahamians May 17, 2022
    IN response to concerns of frequent power outages in recent weeks, Public Works Minister Alfred Sears said the issue is not a “novel” one for The Bahamas.
  • Govt ‘working to tackle issues over flooding’ May 17, 2022
    PUBLIC Works Minister Alfred Sears said officials are addressing flooding issues created over the weekend by heavy rainfall, especially in view of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season which will soon open.
  • Govt ‘keenly focused’ on airport for Grand Bahama May 17, 2022
    TOURISM, Investments and Aviation Minister Chester Cooper said the government is “keenly focused” on the Grand Bahama International Airport, telling Parliament they hope to complete the first phase of redeveloping GBIA by January 2025.
  • Fraudsters plunder $2m through bank’s blunder May 17, 2022
    A Bahamian financial institution’s “serious error and negligence” resulted in fraudsters plundering more than $2m from one of its client’s accounts, the Supreme Court has revealed.
  • PM renews assault on COVID food initiative May 17, 2022
    The Prime Minister yesterday renewed his assault on “astounding” deficiencies with the COVID-19 food assistance initiative even though a 138-page audit report produced no evidence of corruption, fraud or misappropriation of funds.
  • ‘They wanted Gov’t to buy the Grand Lucayan twice’ May 17, 2022
    The Grand Lucayan’s ex-chairman yesterday said the Government would “effectively have been buying the hotel a second time” had it agreed to Royal Caribbean and ITM Group’s demand it finance 95 percent of the $50m purchase price.
  • Food Task Force urgency may have hurt efficiency May 17, 2022
    The speed and urgency with which the COVID-19 Food Distribution Task Force had to be created will likely mean some elements were not executed “in the most efficient or effective way”, a governance reformer argued yesterday.
  • ‘Lord knows’ Freeport requires tourism scale May 17, 2022
    An ex-tourism minister yesterday voiced optimism that the Grand Lucayan’s sale will be the “catalyst” that builds scale by luring other resort developers to Freeport, adding: “Lord knows Grand Bahama needs it.”
  • New BPL chief pledges renewable energy focus May 17, 2022
    Bahamas Power and Light’s (BPL) newly-appointed chief executive has pledged to make the Government’s renewable energy focus a reality during his tenure at the state-owned energy monopoly.
  • Potter’s Cay vendors: We need $48k for deck pilings May 17, 2022
    Six fire-ravaged Potter’s Cay vendors still need the extra $48,000 previously set aside for waterside pilings so they can reconstruct their decks, their Association president said yesterday.
  • What Next for Cryptos? May 17, 2022
    As the era of cheap money comes to an end, so do the conditions that propelled the price of Bitcoin and other crypto assets to the dizzying highs reached at the end of last year. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading just above $27,000, a drop of more than 60 percent from all-time maximum of […]
  • Cooper reveals details of Lucayan deal under Minnis administration May 17, 2022
    BAHAMAS Port Investment Limited offered to purchase the Grand Lucayan resort from the Minnis administration for $50m and also wanted the former government to provide $100m in cash concessions for redevelopment of the property, Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper revealed of the since-binned purchase agreement yesterday.
  • ‘No political witch hunt over WSC’ May 17, 2022
    PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has dismissed accusations that his administration is on a political witch hunt regarding the Water and Sewerage Corporation.
  • $10M IN FUNDING ‘VANISHED’: Prime Minister claims NGOs have not submitted accounts May 17, 2022
    PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said two non-governmental organisations have not submitted records to give an account of the combined more than $10m they received from the former Minnis administration under its national food programme.
  • Are private pension funds sustainable? May 17, 2022
    As the debates had been about the lack of funds for Bahamians at the National Insurance Board and it is obvious it will run out because the lack of businesses paying employees funds at the National Insurance Board.
  • Flooding shows need for insurance May 17, 2022
    Why does insurance coverage matter in this new Climate Change era? Unfortunately, flooding like what we had this weekend will be the norm rather than the exception. My useful advice to you is to make sure to take the opportunity to call anyone of the insurance companies within The Bahamas if you need any hurricane […]

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