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  • Ex-DPM: ‘I’ve triumphed over baseless conspiracy claims’ April 16, 2024
    An ex-deputy prime minister last night asserted he has “emerged victorious against baseless conspiracy allegations” levied against himself and Sky Bahamas’ former principal by the airline’s chief financier.
  • Complaints Against Police increased by 40 percent April 16, 2024
    POLICE have reported a rise in complaints about officers.
  • Opposition in Spanish Wells to shanty demolitions April 16, 2024
    SOME Spanish Wells commoners oppose the impending demolition of illegal shanty town structures either entirely or in part, arguing that the needs of people who were allegedly given permission to build on commonage land should be respected even if their structures are not legally built.
  • Anguished relatives mourn murder victim April 16, 2024
    TWO men were killed within 13 hours yesterday in separate incidents, bringing the murder count for the year to 42.
  • ‘Crime is down’ but rise in rape April 16, 2024
    POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander said serious crimes decreased by 21 per cent in 2023, although rape increased by 11 per cent.
  • Govt ‘working to clog gun loopholes’ April 15, 2024
    PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said the United States of America has made headway toward decreasing the illegal trafficking of firearms to The Bahamas.
  • Carolyn Hanna - being the change you want to see April 15, 2024
    CAROLYN F Hanna is a living, powerful example of “being the change you want to see in the world”. While some complain about the state of affairs in their country, point fingers and cast blame; others, like Carolyn, are quietly making a difference by putting their passion into action.
  • PETER YOUNG: NATO fulfils its purpose April 15, 2024
    Celebrations of the 75th anniversary of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) were in full swing last week as all concerned paid tribute to the success of this remarkable intergovernmental military alliance since its founding in 1949. In the words of its Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, “NATO is bigger, stronger and more united than ever” and has […]
  • ALICIA WALLACE: World Health Day '24 April 15, 2024
    “MY Health, My Right” was the theme for World Health Day this year, observed on Sunday, April 6. In its statement on World Health Day, the World Health Organization said the theme was chosen to “champion the right of everyone, everywhere to have access to quality health services, education, and information, as well as safe […]
  • STATESIDE: US political landscape evolves into a kind of three-ring circus April 15, 2024
    A kind of three-ring circus is evolving in Washington, New York and in other centres around the US. Two of the rings are located overseas. The other one is at the center of political life in America, and it does not bode well for Donald Trump and the Republican Party he has come to dominate.
  • What can country do to take advantage of kart racing? April 15, 2024
    FEW of us can name six senators serving now or remember who our Member of Parliament was ten years ago, but mention Lewis Hamilton and eyes light up. Recognition is instant. “The greatest race car driver of all time … A hero on the track and off …”
  • The wreck of the HMS Conqueror near Rum Cay April 15, 2024
    THOUGH the lore of shipwrecks is often embellished, that of HMS Conqueror on Rum Cay often has the date, the destination, and basic historical facts reported incorrectly. It wrecked on 13 December, 1861 (not the 29th), it was not the first propeller ship in the Royal Navy (HMS Rattler was in 1842), and the ship […]
  • Rudeness by agent for Bahamasair trip April 15, 2024
    Recently, several members of my family travelled to George Town, Exuma, to attend a 95th birthday celebration for a member of our family.
  • Where did govt shares in GBPA go? April 15, 2024
    The recent brouhaha between the government and the Grand Bahama Port Authority that has found its way onto the front pages of your newspaper reminded us of another controversial subject involving these two protagonists.
  • Man shot and killed in nightclub parking lot April 15, 2024
    A 33-year-old man was reportedly shot and killed during an argument outside a local nightspot on West Bay Street early this morning.
  • WSC contractor killed as two shot dead over weekend April 15, 2024
    TWO men were killed in New Providence and Abaco over the weekend.
  • Double Dragon robber’s killing ruled justified April 15, 2024
    A Coroner’s Court jury returned a finding of justifiable homicide in the police-involved killing of Elron Johnson, 17, who tried to rob the Double Dragon Restaurant on East Bay Street last year.
  • Royal Caribbean to start PI site clearance April 15, 2024
    Royal Caribbean yesterday confirmed it is “right at the cusp” and aiming to begin site clearance for its $100m Paradise Island beach club this week with a Heads of Agreement signing “very close”.
  • Restaurant soars thanks to TikTok star April 15, 2024
    A BAHAMIAN in Toronto, Canada, has seen her customer base triple since well-known food critic Keith Lee raved about her restaurant, Old Nassau, on TikTok.
  • PharmaChem more than $68m insolvent April 15, 2024
    PharmaChem Technologies is more than $68m insolvent with its major creditor having secured just 26.3 percent of the massive debt owed to it, Tribune Business can reveal.

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