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  • EDITORIAL: Prime Minister must answer over quarantine trip January 24, 2022
    PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis has some serious questions to answer.
  • Moxey leads way for free tests January 24, 2022
    GRAND Bahama Minister Ginger Moxey was the first to be tested during the launch of the free COVID-19 testing programme in Grand Bahama on Saturday.
  • Crisis point for Grand Bahama over COVID hospitalisations January 24, 2022
    COVID-related hospitalisations are at a “crisis” on Grand Bahama, according to Dr Frank Bartlett, head of the island’s COVID-19 taskforce who reported that there are some challenges with space and staff shortage at Rand Memorial Hospital.
  • ‘Absolutely livid’ over doubling, tripling tax January 24, 2022
    Real property taxpayers were yesterday said to be “absolutely livid” after receiving bills that doubled and tripled their 2022 payments following the recent New Providence-wide revaluation.
  • Top US trade body singles out ‘bribes of convenience’ January 24, 2022
    The Bahamian political system is “beleaguered by reports of corruption”, a newly-released US government report has asserted, singling out what it labelled as “small scale ‘bribes of convenience’”.
  • Airlines ‘pay price’ over COVID surge with 15-20% drop January 24, 2022
    Bahamian domestic airlines have “paid the price” for the recent Omicron-led COVID case surge with a 15-20 percent drop in passenger numbers, an industry executive has revealed.
  • Cruise ship sails to Bahamas to avoid fine January 24, 2022
    A CRYSTAL Cruises ship was diverted to The Bahamas over the weekend after a United States judge issued an arrest warrant for the vessel over its unpaid fuel bills, according to international reports.
  • Family’s questions as crash claims three January 24, 2022
    A FATAL car crash that killed three young men has highlighted the weak quality of emergency services in Long Island and other Family Island communities, with the mother of one of the young men saying the families are incensed at how authorities responded to the crash.
  • Face-to-face learning ‘can no longer be delayed’ January 24, 2022
    EDUCATION Minister Glenys Hanna Martin said face-to-face learning, which resumes in public schools across the country today, is necessary and can no longer be delayed as officials fight to address the “emergency” that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the education system.
  • Calls for PM to resign over isolation breach January 24, 2022
    FREE National Movement Leader Michael Pintard on Friday blasted Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis for breaking quarantine last month as the nation battled its fourth COVID-19 wave, labelling the decision as a “very serious one” and a “betrayal of his oath to uphold the law.”
  • TRAGEDY OF NEW MUM SHOT DEAD: Boyfriend survives after turning gun on himself after killing January 24, 2022
    A woman is dead and a man is in hospital after a suspected murder and attempted suicide on Saturday night.
  • Survey of civil organisations January 24, 2022
    KANOO, the digital wallet firm, is teaming up with several groups for a national survey of civil society organisations (CSOs).
  • Wear a mask, Minister January 24, 2022
    I implore the Minister of Health and Wellness to fine all persons that can be identified, seen on social media - in newspapers or on News not wearing a mask. Isn’t it $200 per incident?
  • Mitchell inappropriate January 24, 2022
    It was with shock and disbelief that I read the disparaging and insulting remarks made by the Foreign Minister of this country about one of our nation’s journalists. I was waiting for the Press Association to defend their colleague, but I heard naught but the sound of gentle silence.
  • No wonder hotels close with these rules January 24, 2022
    How sad to read in The Tribune that the British Colonial Hotel is closing down. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there in 1982 and have been regular visitors ever since. The location was excellent and all the amenities were of the highest standard. We shall really miss staying there.
  • Clint Watson and standards in public office January 24, 2022
    When he was the host of Beyond the Headlines at Eyewitness News, Clint Watson, now Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, saw it as his job to hold certain public officials accountable.
  • 375 new cases confirmed January 24, 2022
    THE Ministry of Health recorded 375 new cases of COVID-19 over a three-day period last week, with cases falling to the double digits for two of those days for the first time this month.
  • 69 migrants repatriated January 24, 2022
    SIXTY-NINE migrants were repatriated on Friday.
  • Bahamian farm eyes 1.4m herbs in $60m joint venture January 24, 2022
    A Bahamian hydroponic producer and its US partner last night revealed they will invest $60m in developing a 71,000 square foot facility able to grow “300 times more food” than a traditional farm.
  • Three dead after car hits house in Long Island January 22, 2022
    Three men are dead after a car collided with a house in Long Island on Friday night.

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