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  • BTVI ‘is trying to intimidate employee’ March 2, 2021
    THE union vying to represent workers at the Bahamas Technical Vocational Institute has accused the facility of “trying to intimidate” an employee as part of an investigation to find out who was behind flyers circulated on social media about the school.
  • EDITORIAL: Lost in bureaucracy March 2, 2021
    More than ten years ago, Bahamian Stafford Lightbourn married his wife, Sharon Lewis-Lightbourn.
  • POLICE ADVICE: Learn to listen and avoid conflict March 1, 2021
    Conflict is a normal and necessary part of healthy relationships. After all, people aren’t expected to agree on everything at all times. Therefore, learning how to deal with conflict—rather than avoiding it, is crucial.
  • WORLD VIEW: US–Cuba normalisation could increase production of COVID-19 vaccines March 1, 2021
    IF US President Joe Biden eases the trade embargo against Cuba, one benefit to developing countries, including the Caribbean, could be greater access to coronavirus vaccines at an affordable price.
  • INSIGHT: Electioneering in perilous economic times March 1, 2021
    The bleak state of the country was reinforced last week when Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis delivered the Mid-Year Budget Communication in Parliament. Although Dr Minnis continues to sound optimistic, a rebound of the scale needed is untenable while we are still wrestling with COVID-19.
  • INSIGHT: ‘We put these people in power to help us and all we get is a wall of silence’ March 1, 2021
    Stafford Lightbourn and his wife, Sharon Lewis-Lightbourn need answers. Like any normal couple, they fell in love and were ultimately married on April 24, 2010. The sky was the limit for them until the Department of Immigration threw a monkey wrench in their horizon.
  • 32 new cases and one more death confirmed March 1, 2021
    THIRTY-TWO new COVID-19 cases and one more virus-related death were recorded in the country between Friday and Saturday, pushing the nation’s tally to 8,551 with 980 of those cases still active.
  • Strike three for Bahamasair March 1, 2021
    AFTER Bahamasair was fined for a third time for allowing passengers to travel without a travel health visa, the national flag carrier’s chairman Tommy Turnquest said the infractions happened at Cuba and Haitian ports.
  • Cruise ships showing interest in Grand Bahama sailings March 1, 2021
    GRAND Bahama tourism chief Steven Johnson promises that “better days are ahead” for the island, revealing that cruise ships are now beginning to express interests in sailing here.
  • Family left ‘devastated’ by man’s road death March 1, 2021
    THE family of the man who lost his life in a traffic fatality in Exuma more than a week ago say they are “devastated” and struggling to come to terms with his untimely death.
  • 01032021 EDITION March 1, 2021
    Monday, 3rd March, 2021.
  • Doctors’ GB plans gain $13.5m boost March 1, 2021
    Doctors Hospital’s president last night said a $13.5m Canadian investment will accelerate the launch of a Grand Bahama care facility “comparable to our New Providence” assets by 2022.
  • ‘Don’t fall into tax reform trap’ March 1, 2021
    GOVERNANCE reformers yesterday warned Bahamians not to fall “into the tax reform trap” by failing to first tackle inefficiency, wasteful spending and corruption in a bloated government.
  • Digital provider eyes ‘exponential’ growth on Sand Dollar move March 1, 2021
    A Bahamian digital payments provider yesterday said it expects its near-20,000 client base to “increase exponentially” after enabling them to transact in Sand Dollars without any restrictions.
  • The object in the stars that could be a sign of alien life March 1, 2021
    BLAISE Pascal was a 17th Century French philosopher, theologian, mathematician and physicist who created the famous Pascal’s Wager. A theory, in which he argues a rational person should live as though God exists. The principle is simple: if God really exists the believer will only suffer the loss of some terrestrial pleasures in exchange for […]
  • Picewell Forbes announces he won't run for re-election March 1, 2021
    MANGROVE Cay and South and Central Andros MP Picewell Forbes announced in the House of Assembly on Monday morning that he is not running for re-election.
  • Space debris found on beach March 1, 2021
    A STRANGE titanium ball covered in Russian text has been discovered on a beach in Harbour Island.
  • Former PM Ingraham's recovery continues March 1, 2021
    FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is expected to be released from hospital by mid-week after showing steady signs of improvement as he recovers from COVID-19.
  • Davis warns: Act now to avoid third wave March 1, 2021
    THE Progressive Liberal Party wants the government to adopt new COVID-19 prevention measures that allows for more virus testing and isolation to help prevent a third wave in the country.
  • MP’s firm fighting $450k blaze claim March 1, 2021
    FIRE destroyed four residential units in Harbour Island when an unlicensed gas company owned and operated by North Eleuthera MP Rickey Mackey performed services there in June 2018, plaintiffs allege in court documents.

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