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Mr. Xcitement aka Fix Ya Face’s musical talents began to surface in the place of his birth, The Bronx, New York City. He performed at countless block and house parties in The Bronx and Harlem. In the 90’s he relocated to Nassau, Bahamas where alongside the infamous ‘Dion Da’ Butcha’ and ‘DJ Pat’ he continued to amaze musical lovers by starting the Coliseum Night Club. After returning to New York once more to further his tertiary education, Mr. Xcitement finally returned to Nassau and the Coliseum Night Club which took on the new name; The Zoo. For five years he displayed his entertainment, D.J. & vocal skills there and then eventually took his talents to the next level and moved on to join the JAMZ crew, where he serves as the Music Director.  He also holds down The Guinness Bomb every Saturday 3pm -5pm.