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R. Kelly Put Up This Questionable Post & Twitter Shredded Him For It

Considering the amount of controversy that R. Kelly has stirred up, you would think that he would stay out of the media and public’s lens as much as possible. But instead, the R&B singer has been very present on social media, freely posting updates and memes. His latest post, was supposedly to advertise his new music that was on the way, but instead, it just made people feel incredibly uncomfortable.

In the now-deleted tweet, Kelly used a combination of odd graphics and horrible language to advertise the new tunes. “All it takes is one yes to change your life,” the tweet read. Below, was an image of the word “no” written a dozen times, with “yes” written once in white.

While the post was most likely referring to Kelly’s career, Twitter couldn’t help but think of his dark and twisted history with underage women. It also forced people to bring up the singer’s recent allegations of physical and sexual abuse of several “captives” in his guest homes. “How exactly did you wake up and think this would be a good idea,” one person questions Kelly.

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